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DXScm is a Scheme (LISP) interpreter for OpenDX. It run as a simple module. Communication between DXScm and OpenDX is done using list (each field is converted into a list). DXScm is based on Aubrey Jaffer's SCM. It can be used to implement a simple Turtle language like LOGO, or to easily conduct complex simulation and display results continuously using OpenDX. The installation script is based on VIS's Autoconf loadable module template.

Download library for:

Installation (from the source):

First download and install SCM. Also compile libscm.a.
See the SCM homepage.

uncompress the file:

Untar the file:
tar -xf DXScm.tar



Install (as root):
make install

DXScm Howto

Last changes:

  • dxdisplay bug corrected. You can now display messages longuer than 255 characters. Strings beginning with a '#' will automaticaly have a blank space inserted before the '#'. This is a problem of OpenDX.
  • bug corrected in the exportation data from DXScm to OpenDX.
  • SCM version is now 2d5.

To do:

  • OpenDX's groups are not supported yet.
  • Now, a soft pore is defined to easily print output. A Ptobs should be defined instead.


  • Errors should be catched to stop the program cleanly.

Those animations were made using DXScm and OpenDX: (click to see the mpeg)






OpenDX Paths to visualization.

last update: 29/05/03