Jean Francois Delerue
Actual Works at KU Leuven

Since June 2001, I am working as a Post-doctoral student at KU Leuven in the project "Quantitative Exploitation of Microfocus Computer Tomography". I develop and apply image analysis algorithms to describe and quantify structures in X-Ray images of porous media. Those pages present results of ongoing works. Investigation is made in different field such as:

Those two animations show the possibilities to simulate physical processes using X-Ray images:

Simulation of water uptake in a pore space. The pore space is represented in white. Blue arrows represent the water. Air can be trapped in pores. 

Simulation of particle tracking. On the right, a pore space in which two particles (in red and blue) are moving. Trajectories of the particles depend on structure and local hydraulic properties (like local gradient of pressure). The left part of the image represents the view from red particle in the pore space, oriented in the direction of the trajectory.

Mpeg Animation

Mpeg Animation

Those animations where made using DXSoil and DXScm, two modules that I develop for OpenDX, an open source visualization software.


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