The aim of this work is to study a silicon carbide sample through its image using image analysis.


Size: 100 x 100 x 75. Threshold: 0.00083125 Porosity 52%
Position: 500 500 0


Relation Threshold Value / Porosity:

Relation Threshold Value / Porosity Relation Threshold Value / Porosity

For a porosity of 43%, the threshold value should be 7.29e-04 (70)

For a porosity of 45%, the threshold value should be 7.48e-04 (75)

For a porosity of 46%, the threshold value should be 7.62e-04 (77)


Aperture distribution:

Volume of voxel / Aperture size % of total space / Aperture size  

A new segmentation:


Original Image
Blue color represents void space and red represents solid parts
Aperture Map
Dark red colors represents large aperture
Pore Seeds
Aperture Map
Connexions between pores

In 3D, on a real image


last update: 06.12.2012