PoreNetTex extension to WiseTex.

Here are two images of the textiles displayed as isosurface (top / face view) :

Syncoglass 420R Vf 42 step 0-001 Syncoglass 420R Vf 42 step 0-1 ell

The problem probably come from the fact that the image size in Z is too small compare to the aperture between the yarns. On the following image, the desired equivalent diameter is the one described by the red circle, but because of the small size in Z, all the space between the yarns is considered as a pore of aperture equal to the diameter of the green circle.

Because of this problem, the computed permeability should be lower than the real one (especialy in the case of image b). A solution would be to add an empty space on both side of the image, or to add layers.

last update : 06.12.2012