DXSoil Library.

The DXSoil library is a set of module for OpenDX which provides skeleton extraction, region growing segmentation etc. If applied to an image of porous media, it can analyze the pore space and produce a pore network model of the pore space. This pore network can be used to compute hydraulic conductivity. (see the screen shots) This work is based mon my PhD research (pdf in French).

A complete description of the different modules and of their use can be found in the following article: J.-F. Delerue and E. Perrier. DXSoil, a library for image analysis in soil science. Computer and Geosciences. 28(9):1041-1050, November 2002. Pergamon.

Before using DXSoil, you need to have a working OpenDX installation.

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A small FAQ about this library.


Screen shots:

Original image Skeleton of the pore space
Drawing seeds in the pore space Segmentation of the pore space using a growing region algorithm
Graph modelling of the pore space Representation of local hydraulic properties
The library works under OpenDX

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